Navbar is changed to login in profile

How can I do it like that when I click on Login and I have logged in there is the Bottum profile. only if the user logged in.
in the navbar

Select the button, click the dynamic attributes > display > show
For a dynamic value select the id returned by the users query, which you are using on your pages.

Sorry, i am not sure i understand your last post.

That’s what I wanted to do.
The Header. php include but the problem is when I do this with App Connect I get displayed App already running error. only if I also turn App Connect on in the index otherwise not. angezeigt

Please explain step by step when do you see this error. What do you do and what do you have on your page?

  1. I select this.
  2. I click that.
  3. …etc.

Your explanation until now are not really clear.

I think you have 2 versions of <script type="text/javascript" src="dmxAppConnect/dmxAppConnect.js"></script> running at the same time, one in your include file and one in your normal file linking to the include file, remove the one from your include file.

If that’s true then there is something wrong.
You should not include app connect (or anything related to frameworks) in the include files.

Thinking possibly a similar situation to this thread

Hello Teodor,
Looking at the code view above, how do I place the php code or how best to reference it. It is currently generating errors in the browser. (This was a carry over from a project and all the functions are embedded in the referenced file.) Thanks