App Already Running Alert upon page load


Hi Guys,

Just wondering whether someone might be able to point me to a setting I need to adjust - whenever I load pages I get a browser message saying “App Already Running” - I can’t see anything obvious that would be making this happen (Only been using Wappler for 3 days though…)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again in advance!


Navbar is changed to login in profile

Hi Ben, do you have a screenshot of the message? Never saw that one before


Hi George,


Whenever the page loads I just get this (Chrome, safari, etc)



Do you have dmxAppConnect.js somehow included twice maybe?


Hi George,

Yep, that was it, sorry and thank you!

I have a navigation file that i was including at the start of every other page and i must have accidentally added appconnect to the navigation file (it was added to the pages too) - it was also stopping my notifications from coming through so that solved 2 problems.




No problem Ben - glad it is solved.

Btw if you use SSI files - I suggest creating them “the Wappler way” as described:

then the content is just moved to the include file and a special comment is generated above - that also contains the used frameworks, so they are not included again.


Getting “app is already running” alert on items-category.htm . It is an older server connect dmxServerAction.js page (not changed) somehow now conflicting after updated item.htm page successfully to the Wappler way. I am not able to code this page to AppConnect yet as still novice with Wappler. Hopefully I am overlooking something obvious.


I don’t know what you did, but I see multiple nested html in the source code, head is inserted multiple times. The alert is because dmxAppConnect.js is included multiple times.


Patrick, You pointed me in right direction. Actual source code does Not repeat html or head tags. On line 310 where first nested tags appear is supposed to be:
#include virtual="{{DescriptInclude}}"
I removed my erroneous includes and it is working! George mentioned something earlier: " Btw if you use SSI files - I suggest creating them “the Wappler way” as described: "
Take his suggestions seriously!