App Already Running Alert upon page load

Hi Guys,

Just wondering whether someone might be able to point me to a setting I need to adjust - whenever I load pages I get a browser message saying “App Already Running” - I can’t see anything obvious that would be making this happen (Only been using Wappler for 3 days though…)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again in advance!


Hi Ben, do you have a screenshot of the message? Never saw that one before

Hi George,


Whenever the page loads I just get this (Chrome, safari, etc)


Do you have dmxAppConnect.js somehow included twice maybe?


Hi George,

Yep, that was it, sorry and thank you!

I have a navigation file that i was including at the start of every other page and i must have accidentally added appconnect to the navigation file (it was added to the pages too) - it was also stopping my notifications from coming through so that solved 2 problems.




No problem Ben - glad it is solved.

Btw if you use SSI files - I suggest creating them “the Wappler way” as described:

then the content is just moved to the include file and a special comment is generated above - that also contains the used frameworks, so they are not included again.


Getting “app is already running” alert on items-category.htm . It is an older server connect dmxServerAction.js page (not changed) somehow now conflicting after updated item.htm page successfully to the Wappler way. I am not able to code this page to AppConnect yet as still novice with Wappler. Hopefully I am overlooking something obvious.

I don’t know what you did, but I see multiple nested html in the source code, head is inserted multiple times. The alert is because dmxAppConnect.js is included multiple times.

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Patrick, You pointed me in right direction. Actual source code does Not repeat html or head tags. On line 310 where first nested tags appear is supposed to be:
#include virtual="{{DescriptInclude}}"
I removed my erroneous includes and it is working! George mentioned something earlier: " Btw if you use SSI files - I suggest creating them “the Wappler way” as described: "
Take his suggestions seriously!

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I have the same alert although my files does not have dmxappconnect.js twice.

I have been experimenting with node.js partials and layouts, do you have some idea of how to fix?

Edit: I fixed this by creating a new layout page (with a different name) and compared the header tags to my main.ejs. Seeing they were different i copied and pasted the code over. Somehow the main.ejs had all the header tags from my index.ejs. When I deleted and recreated that file before it would give me the header tags for a content page not a layout page.

This is now the correct link (