Native Mobile Apps

Am I correct in saying you cant making true native apps in Wappler? You can only make webview type of mobile apps?

Welcome to Wappler.

What is it exactly you are trying to achieve?

That’s right, the Wappler does not create native applications. Mobile applications created with the help of a Wappler are webviews packaged with the help of cordova or capacitor.

Webview-based development allows you to develop much faster compared to native development. And a large number of plugins allows you to access almost all the native functions of a mobile device. Therefore, Brad`s question is relevant, what exactly do you want to do and why do you need native development?

I was thinking about apps that can store data offline in local storage and sync back.

Also the other issue being iOS app store rejecting webview apps at times - Just from what I read in many forums about webview apps.

Yes, this is possible with a webview-based application. Although you will have to work with the code. I really hope that there will be significant shifts in this direction in Wappler 5, which will greatly simplify and accelerate the development of mobile applications.

There are many webview-based apps in the iOS app store. I have not worked with the iOS app store, but it seems to me that the problem with approving an iOS app is not that it is a webview. Apple company has very high requirements for the quality of applications. But webview development lowers the entry threshold and applications are being developed by developers who make a lot of mistakes. If your app is high-quality, error-free, I don't think there will be any problems with placement in the iOS app Store due to the fact that this app is based on a webview. If I'm not mistaken, there are people on this forum who have successfully placed their apps in the iOS app store developed with the help of a Wappler.

Summarizing. If you have no experience in mobile app development, starting with a webview would be a great solution. This will simplify driving and help you better understand everything. If you start with native development, it will be much more difficult.

Thanks for your detailed response.

There are some reasonably good no-code native cross-platform solutions out there such as appgyver, thunkable and adalo. Appgyver is good for data type apps but lacks a bit of direction and focus with their “community edition” appgyver.

But I don’t think any of them have the power of wappler, especially on the data side and definetly on the design side.

Regardless having webview apps is not ideal in my view. I know they are easy and fast to develop.

flutter seems to be a very good solution for now. It doesn't look very easy to integrate into Wappler. But if enough community builds up maybe they will consider adding it .

Yes flutter will be good, but I assume it might require a bit of coding and learning dart.

I know backendless has a feature now, where you can create a flutter apps. Not too sure how it works.

of course , but all languages require some knowledge.

I'm sure it will be very easy and fun if flutter is added to Wappler. Thanks to the Wappler forum, we learn a lot of things together :slight_smile: