Google Flutter and Dart API?

Reading and hearing more and more about Flutter (and the Dart API) from Google. Any thoughts about Flutter? Possible plans to incorporate it at a later date as an alternative to Cordova?

Interested to hear opinions.

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I recommend this integration with wappler, really cool, hope they consider…

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don’t think this will be added.
its not HTML with js library

You’re probably correct. Am just interested in some feedback from any mobile app developers here.

I have not used either of the platforms. But, I know Cordova has been here a long time. So in order to replace it, the question would he, can Flutter do everything Cordova can as of now?
Complete with third-party integrations etc.

If that is something comparable, I don’t think @George would mind giving it a chance at least.

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Currently Flutter and Dart are out of the scope of Wappler as they are not web technology based (it not based on html and js)

Our priorities are web technologies - and more server side support like nodejs, go,.net core
as well client side frameworks.


Well I’m moving this to the Feature Request category so people can vote on it - and then you never know :slight_smile: - we make miracles when people want them :slight_smile:


Well, @Dave, I have to admit that your request, made more than 2 years ago, was really relevant and correct! At that time, I was just getting to know Flutter, and although I liked it, I shared @George thoughts about not mixing web technologies with something else. However, today, I can say for sure that Flutter is the best solution for cross-platform development of mobile applications. The technology is stable, actively developed and maintained, there is a lot of documentation, articles and videos, and a very active community. But most importantly, it works great. Application performance is simply not comparable compared to js + cordova. It is especially noticeable when the application works with large amounts of data. In cordova applications, this can turn into hell for the user when the application interface is completely frozen until processing is done.

What prompted me to write this text? FlutterFlow - these guys launched in March 2021 (just 7 months ago!) and have already caught an incredible hype to date. Even though their instrument is incredibly raw. I look at their tool, see so much in common with the concept of Wappler and remember this request… What if 2 years ago Wappler would have decided to implement this functionality? To date, we would already have the best full-stack tool in absolutely all areas of cross-platform development (mobile applications, desktop applications and web applications), and Wappler itself would have a huge army of subscribers in the person of flutter adherents.

P.S. By the way, @George, @patrick and @Teodor, I want to say a special thank you for your attitude towards us, the users of your product. Everything is known in comparison. And when I got into the FlutterFlow community, I realized how lucky we all are with you. There is practically no documentation, very few videos, and there is no adequate tool for communication with the community. Instead of a forum, there is only a discord channel, from which you can learn little. At the same time, the developers themselves do not get in touch.

P.S.S. I forgot to say that I think this function is still relevant. Even more relevant than before, because the hypothesis about the necessity and expediency of this technology has been confirmed in practice. With the competencies of the Wappler team, it seems to me that an implementation would be several times superior to FlutterFlow. So everyone who is thinking at least a little about the future, please vote for this feature, don’t make my mistake that I made 2 years ago.)


It really has come a long way and is very relevant as you describe. Would make a perfect companion to Wappler in its current development phase, like you point out is very well documented, tried and tested. Appreciate your update @Mr.Rubi, thank you!



I came across this post while browsing the forum. Flutter can indeed be a very good companion with wappler .

This is absolutely a yes for me!
Probably Wappler isn’t made thinking about this kind of implementations, but what’s wrong with evolving? :slightly_smiling_face:

Flutter does look amazing BUT personally I would prefer to see the simplicity of mobile app building in Wappler tweaked to the simplicity of Flutter or even the ability to convert a web app, designed responsively for Mobile devices, directly into a mobile app at the click of a button.
I do feel that mobile apps with Wappler remains a bit of a dark art. A “build an app” tutorial is long overdue in my opinion.


Test drive with flutterflow.

I wanted to test flutterflow for about 12 weeks and try a test application created flutterflow . I would like to share with you a few things that I have noticed during this time. I especially recommend george to study the structure of flutterflow. There may be many things to catch your attention.

one . Although mobile applications created with Flutter are said to be native, I have seen that they are not fully native and are working on an engine that makes them work like native. So is this result enough? I have definitely experienced that the results I get are absolutely sufficient, and that it works as well as native. The result is very good.
2. The logical structure required to create a mobile app with Flutterflow is very close to wappler. However, as a small difference, they created the action part in a more understandable way. I think this idea works perfectly in wappler. @George, I think it would be great if you could plan a server action as I shared the image below.
3. Finally, to integrate flutter and wappler, it would be really amazing to use dart in wappler.


I want to make a “simple” comparison of two different development platforms, FlutterFlow and Wappler.

  1. FlutterFlow focuses solely on Flutter development and does not attempt to cover every aspect of web technologies like Wappler.
  2. Wappler has come a long way and cannot be simply reduced to something basic. However, FlutterFlow doesn’t adapt as quickly as Wappler.
  3. While working with FlutterFlow, I use Wappler to handle all API services, and the results are incredible. But if I ever see Flutter within Wappler in the future, it would be like a second exciting Node.js technology for me. (You might remember how excited I was about adding Node.js in the past.)
  4. Although Wappler is advancing with JavaScript and HTML-based web technologies, I believe Wappler can embark on entirely different adventures with Flutter in a developer’s toolkit. Because the background that Flutter needs is present in Wappler. Please don’t think of it only in terms of HTML and JavaScript; Wappler has the potential to do much more!

@George, please consider adding this to your roadmap!

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Could you precise the way you work with the both tools for a same project?

hi @sylvainbaron ,

While developing applications in Flutter, I tried using FlutterFlow and it’s going quite well. However, as I mentioned before, they are not as suitable for problem-solving as Wappler. Additionally, I always prepare the framework of my projects with Wappler. In this case too, I handled all the database and API tasks using Wappler and only had to display this data in FlutterFlow.

Furthermore, integrating with Supabase is yielding great results. If there’s a specific situation you’re curious about, I’ll be happy to help as much as I can.

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