Firebase api

Hi, I’m new to Wappler and i’m struggling to get data from my firebase realtime database.

The strange thing is, wappler can connect to firebase and shows the correct data in the API Action, but i’m not able to display the data body.
I tried it with a the bootstrap table generator and it works almost, because it shows the title correctly but not the content itself!

Does anyone know what i may do wrong,
Thanks for your help!

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Hello @WappsGames and welcome to our community!

Is it possible to send a link to your page, where we can check what’s wrong?

Hello @Teodor thanks for your fast response.

Everything is at the moment in the editor, so nothing online.
Because its the first time i’m playing around with Wappler.

But i should be able to see the data also in the editor, or?

Yes, you should be able to see it. But what happens if you run your page in a browser?

Maybe you don’t have a local server/target defined - that’s why you don;t see it?

Oh it says: Please select a target with web server

Yes, you need a local/remote/ftp server defined to be able to run your pages.
Check this please:

It shows how to create a FTP connection to your hosting BUT it’s the same for local server (instead of ftp select local folder) :slight_smile:

Ok cool thank you!
But is this also the problem with firebase, because the title is shown correctly

The title is not dynamic data. It’s fetched from the firebase schema.

Ok i understand!

Thank you very much

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Using Firebase with the API Connector is a great showcase of Wappler’s power @WappsGames !

I hope when you get it all working you can share a step by step guide of how you did it, here in the community. As many people frequently ask this and it will be of a great help!

Hi @George thanks!
My background is game development and some native apps, i use firebase everytime i need a backend or a quick easy setup for a database. But i’m pretty new to the “web dev” part. So i first need to get a FTP server or some kind of local server, because i’m doing something wrong to get the wappler website run without real server.

But as soon as i have figuared it out, i will post here in the group again about firebase.

I have a other question, are you considering to add flutter in the future? I really love to work with flutter and you can create awesome high performance native apps, but sometimes i wish there would be a visual editor for it, like wappler has. (just a question because i think there would be lot of potential)- mainly thought about it, because the widgets and all that stuff is very modular, it think a editor could also create the UI code very good-- just a idea.


Great to hear @WappsGames!

Just as web is new for you - games are new to us - but we are catching up :slight_smile:
So would love to add more and more support for it in future Wappler versions. We are considering various animation tools and support of game engines. But keep on sharing your experience and what do you need :slight_smile:

As for Flutter - its being requires before:

So vote for it and you never know :slight_smile:

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Oh cool! Yeah definitely vote for it :grinning:
Yeah i thing has cool animtions, specially when you want to conrol the animations with code. I saw already some really amazing stuff that people created with that. would be cool to add flare also to wappler


Flare is nice indeed. But we are looking for some more revolutionary ways to do animations, less the traditional timeline based… do keep the ideas and tools coming :slight_smile:

I have the same problem data doest show in table.

did you solve this issue?