More Shortcuts Needed

Hi. Continuing the discussion from Wappler Shortcut Keys:

Shortcuts do not work on App Structure tree view. Numerous Design View shortcuts can be added to App Structure too. Eg: Duplicate, Delete, Add Before/After/Inside.

Also, why hasn’t Wappler yet implemented Ctrl + Tab & Ctrl + Shift + Tab to switch between tabs?

Last suggestion, is to switch between Design, Code & Split view -
Shift + F7 [Visual Studio]
Ctrl + Page Up & Ctrl + Page Down [MS Excel]
Alt + Up & Alt + Down [I could not think of any other use for this combination of keys]

Good idea - will see what we can do :slight_smile:

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Hi @George / @patrick, any update on the shortcuts? My workflow keeps getting interrupted by mouse. :weary:
I could be doing so much more, so much faster… please add more shortcuts. :pray:

haha - yes more shortcuts are coming up!

First on the App Structure and Server Connect panels for more quick insert/delete/rename and duplicate.
Then we will be totally focusing on the design view and design panel

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@George Any update on keyboard shortcuts?