Mobile APP SPA: Sub Pages Blank in Bootstrap

I am following this tutorial but it appears some stuff is different in a mobile app. Here is my setup showing routes, design view, result in emulator and app connect.

There is a difference in the process following the tutorial. When you convert a section to an included route the dialogue and the app connect properties are different. Even a simple include is missing. The routes properties panel is also different.

Here is the dialog in the mobile app …

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 10.52.07 AM

Here it is in a regular bootstrap site …

This is not the way to do it in mobile apps, follow the tutorial about creating content pages in mobile apps:

That’s FW7 though. In this project I am using Bootstrap. I’m building two versions one in BS and one in FW7 to see which works better for me.

Maybe I need to create an .htaccess file and use that for routing?