Mobile Apps: Routes don't work when using Bootstrap Framework

I am using Bootstrap in my mobile app and as far as design goes it is going surprisingly well. However, routing doesn’t work.

I assume that is because the handler is set to Framework7 in the settings. When I go to change it, Bootstrap is not an option. None is the only other option. Selecting none throws an error.

Seems routes are not supported with Bootstrap on Mobile Apps?

Toggle the Use Routing to disable routing. In mobile you can only have the Framework7 routing or no routing.

So you can’t use routing with bootstrap?

Bootstrap Routing has been added to 3.8.3 but does not work.

Spa pages show up blank and routes directly to a new page show up as not found.

Do you need to create an .htaccess file for Bootstrap routes in mobile?

Bootstrap routing for mobile apps is not available yet.

You can use Framework7 for now.

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Thanks @George.

Is this coming next week (I see it’s added to the project settings now) or should I continue without routing for this project?

Yes we plan to have extended bootstrap client side routing for next week indeed.

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Awesome, I will focus on my FW7 version in the meantime. Thank you! :beers:

I see this didn’t make it in for 3.9.0? Huge update today though. Just don’t want this one forgotten about. :wink:

Next time :smiley:

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I have enough to play with after this huge 3.9.0 update anyways. :beers: :slight_smile:

Gentle bump … :wink:

Reminder … :wink:

I feel that not having routing may result in apps not being approved by app store?

Sadness fills my heart :cry:

Good seeing Stripe get all the love these days. Much needed. Hopefully this can be addressed real soon as well. :wink:

Hi Brad… just out of curiosity, did you manage to publish the bootstrap app on the Apple Store? Just to see if there is any alternative way to F7 since it is not supported on Wappler as it should be.

The design framework used for building your layout/design does not matter when publishing your app …

Not sure what you mean by that?

In the template we have the old version 4.5.2 (September 27, 2019) and for the blank the 5.7.11 (May 1, 2020):

Instead for the bootstrap version Wappler is always updated, so that’s what I’m referring to when I say 'it is not supported on Wappler as it should be".

I see, well Bootstrap major versions are not released that often as Framework 7 ones are :slight_smile: We are trying to keep it up to date as well.
But also there’s not issue to use 5.7 which is now integrated in Wappler.

Ok Teodor, I only wrote to Bred out of curiosity, not to create controversy.
Unfortunately sometimes Apple examiners are very fussy and opening pages in the traditional way (without “routes”) creates a “flash” on the apps and this could lead to a refusal in publishing since the guides you have to follow also take into consideration usability (at least this is what happened to me years ago, but maybe in the last period something has changed).
That’s it.

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Precisely the reason I have not completed or submitted my app yet. I have been waiting for the promised Bootstrap routing. Having said that I am about 80% done without routing in the meantime. Still hoping to have routes this week and I can redo it.

What I did do to eliminate the page ‘flash’ is use animations. So all of my pages appear to slide in from the side now instead. Seems to be smoother.

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