Missing Interface icons

Anyone else experiencing intermittent loss of interface icons in latest version. You can see something is there by mouse over and popup shows but often they don’t actually show.


Happened to me. I restarted wappler and everything was fine again.

Done lots of restarts, sometimes they show, sometimes not

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Oh. I only did it once so I don’t know if they will disappear again.

This happens very rarely - but we found a way to fix it in the next update :slight_smile:

For now a restart should help

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Falled back to 2.2.5 now can see all icons. Definitely it’s a new problem of 2.2.6.

@alexey, yes it’s an issue which happens sometimes in the latest update. George already explained that a few posts above…

Even if the icon doesn’t show you can click on it. Functionality is there. It just the icon that doesn’t render.

I have the whole buttons missing. Nothing to click.

That is new then. I was able to click where the icons were supposed to be and it would bring up project options and wappler menu.

Do the shortcut keys work: F10 for the main menu and F11 for full screen? (If these are the missing options which are needed.)

we actually haven’t changed much about this in 2.2.6 - so you should have problems with previous versions as well.

But it is really a very rare timing condition that occurs. When your OS file system is a bit slower.

Maybe try a system restart to have a fresh running fast system

Checked again.
Upgraded from 2.2.5 to 2.2.6 - buttons disappear completely, can not do push.
Deinstalled Wappler, Installed 2.2.5 - everything works again.

Here is my system setup and I have had no issues at all with disappearing icons?


Windows 10
Core i7 processor
16gb ram
SSD storage

Not convinced performance is the issue

Same problem here!

In case it’s related, several times I’ve had the missing button issue, as well as empty design and code view panels:


After doing a full close and restart, the icons reappeared but there was still no sign of the code. Clicking the Refresh button didn’t help. Closing and reopening the files fixed the problem and the code reappeared.

I don’t think it would be related to low resources. The system has a Xeon CPU, 32GB RAM and SSD.

Definitely not low resources… After Effects runs flawlessly, now that eats memory and CPU! Something in a recent update has caused this…

There are some resources at startup loaded in parallel, it seems that the many performance improvements we made in the last updates causes some racing conditions now at startup. The icons are also loaded async and normally load very fast before all the other content, now it sometimes finishes later and that causes that the icons don’t appear on the interface.

We will have this fixed in the upcoming update, so it has nothing to do with your system. If it really is a big problem then we probably could probably release an update earlier then normal.