Medum eidtor, make Image clickable/open in modal

I have got the Medium editor to upload images and display content on a page but i resize the image using css.

I would like to be able to click on the image to open full version. similar as wappler forum

Don’t know how to make put A tag around the img… any ideas?

The medium editor is deprecated and not updated anymore. It is preferrable not to use it

Currently it’s not possible to add lightbox to the medium editor, in order to show a larger image.
You can add a separate upload input and upload it from there (of course, it won’t be added inside the medium editor)

Elias, not sure what do you mean by this:

We never stopped supporting the editor.

Hi @Teodor, I am actually reffering to @patrick’s input here:
Medium Editor disabled attribute

I see, but it’s not abandoned or deprecated.
The fix which is required in the topic you linked to requires a lot of time and resources to be put but unfortunately this is not in the top priority list at the moment.

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