Medium Editor disabled attribute

Wappler Version: 2.1.5
Operating System: Windows 10

Expected behavior

When the attribute ‘Disabled’ is turned on, the medium editor should not accept focus

Actual behavior

However, the disabled attribute is just ignored and the field remains editable

How to reproduce

  1. Add a medium editor
  2. Add a dynamic attribute ‘Disabled’ with Value 1

Same issue with attribute ‘Editable’

Hi @patrick and @Teodor, were you able to reproduce the above bug?
Many thanks,

Hi @patrick, any update on this? Thank you

Hi @Teodor, do you have visibility on when this bug will be closed? Thank you

The original medium editor code seems to be abandoned since 2017 and I have to make the changes myself directly into their code. Changing somebody others code is often difficult because you don’t know how it is build and with the many other tasks I have it is just low priority. If it was a small change then I would have updated it directly, but this would just cost me more time to research the code and will do that if I have more spare time.

Thanks @patrick for the clarification. So, in other terms, the medium editor is deprecated and you recommend using the text area instead