Medium editor - problem if textarea is not created within a form

Wappler Version : 2.3.2
Operating System : Windows 10

Expected behavior

Choosing Medium Editor Textarea from the Elements panel should result in a working editor textarea

Actual behavior

If the textarea is not inserted into a form, it won’t function as expected - there is no editor functionality

How to reproduce

Create a typical Container>Row>Column and insert a Medium Editor Textarea

I’ve been meaning to investigate a couple of forms where the medium editor doesn’t work. I’ve done this now and found the reason. The file medium-editor.js appeared below dmxMediumEditor.js. Once I reversed the order, the textarea editor functionality was working.

It’s possible that I reordered these files when ‘tidying up’ the <head> section, but it seems that Wappler inserts the files in the wrong order if the textarea is not within a form; it’s possible that this caused the problem. Not a big issue but something to watch out for if this feature isn’t working.

Hi @TomD, this is a known issue,

Thanks @scott. I must have missed that one - or forgot about it. I’m surprised it hasn’t been fixed.

No worries, it was only in the back of my mind because I experienced an issue with Medium Editor 2 days ago, Adding Medium Editor Buttons Appears To Not Work

If I had not experienced my issue, I would probably have never thought about it.