Me awaiting 1.6.4 staring at my monitor




I’m afraid you will be disappointed :slight_smile:


I do not think it would be possible to be disappointed with Wappler even if the update is delayed, we all know if there is a delay it is never due to the Team being lazy but because it just took longer than anticipated to give us more greatness.


Or perhaps it won’t be 1.6.4. :thinking:


True @TomD, never know with Teodor, for a computer guy he actually seems to have quite a good sense of humour. Lets hope.

That new Lazy Loader is something I have been awaiting for a long time, and to be honest did not think it would be created for some time still, if ever in the DMX / Wappler toolset so I am very excited.


Maybe Lazy Load is exclusively for DMXzone users :smiley:


Haha, well I can tell you I will never have it then, I refuse to ever go back to Dreamweaver.

So it seems Teodor might just be a scorpio possibly :japanese_goblin:


I told you you will be disappointed with the 1.64 :stuck_out_tongue:
Wappler 1.7.0 Released


1.6.4 is a special version for me because I caused Teodor to pull most of his hair out yesterday. I’ll be allowed 1.7.0 when it grows back.


haha, haha, I think you at least made him have 5 extra beers yesterday @TomD lol.


Hopefully that should help with the hair…


True story, went for a couple of beers yesterday evening, they turned out to be 7 at the end.
Strange coincidence :joy:


The funniest post in this entire topic for me was when @alsdigital liked the post about never going back to Dreamweaver, Lol, thats from a guy that actually tried for at least 30 seconds, haha. Thanks for the laughs guys.