Wappler 1.7.0 Released

What’s New

Just before we hit those eggnogs with Christmas and parties, we worked hard to bring you more goodness to Wappler!

Now we have redesigned greatly the Database Query Builder to look awesome, as well totally rewritten the FTP connectivity on Windows! No more external dependencies on Windows - you just need to install Wappler and everything is included! Of course we also fixed lots of bugs you reported and included brand new components like App Connect Lazy Load, so you can make even more powerful and fast loading sites!

Last but not least, we have greatly optimized Wappler caching and cleanup. To be speedy Wappler keeps a good cache file that can grow pretty large. Now however on each close all the caches are cleaned up nicely. Note that the first close after the update might take longer than expected due to extra initial cleaning.

New Components

  • App Connect Lazy Load - Fast, intelligent and responsive image lazy loader!
    Support for responsive images using srcset attribute, so you can serve different images depending on visitors’ devices viewport sizes. The device will only load the image that fits its size, which is really efficient in saving bandwidth and optimizing load times. Also you can set a preloader image or a low quality image preview to be displayed while your image is being loaded.

Database Connector and Query Builder

  • Greatly restyled the Database Query Builder - all in the awesome Wappler style now!
  • Improved handling of table meta data when using multiple tables and joins
  • Improved PostgreSQL database connectivity
  • Fixed time icon in for time fields in the Database Connector

App Connect / App Structure and Properties Panel

  • Added regular Bootstrap 4 forms to be binding with App Connect data as well
  • Show form name in the action picker

Server Connect

  • Improved also the Database Updater to generate lowercase Global Vars

API Connector

  • Added all dynamic and static loading events for the API Connector components
    API Data Source, API Action and API Form:
    events: start, done, error, unauthorized, forbidden, abort, success, upload and download

FTP Connectivity

  • Greatly improved FTP for Windows and specially SFTP, by including the full subsystem - no more need of installing extra tools!
  • Removed formatting for integer fields, like ftp port and other numeric options

CSS Design Panel

  • Fixed closing of CSS rules

Code View

  • improved drag in codeview

DOM Tree

  • improved dom panel refresh

Extension Updates

  • App Connect Swiper 1.0.2 - improved dynamic slides handling and filtering
  • App Connect Browser Control 2.0.1 - improved path parts parsing


  • Fixed delete all values on select fields

Thank you for the Lazy Loader you gave me for Christmas Wappler, it is going to be a life changer for me. Much Appreciated.


thank you for the update
i thought the lazy loader will help with all serverconnect data not just images
so we can auto load records as the user scroll for example.

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No, the lazy load component is for images.
You can post your idea about loading records on scroll in the feature request section, if it gets enough votes it will probably be added in the future.