Managing roles via the admin console


I am using the using the below youtube video from Brian English to manage my roles via the admin console.

However, my userroles API is not giving any results - meaning that the table on my admin console is not populated with any user roles.

When I view the API in browser I see this error:

{“status”:“404”,“message”:"/api/admin/role/userroles not found."}

And therefore despite me being logged in to my account and viewing my user roles, the table gives no results:

Any ideas to check would be much appreciated - I have gone over the video many times and made sure i have followed Brian’s steps correctly!



404 are not found errors is this error on local host in development or a remote host? Could just be you need to do a publish if its a production target:

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I am on local host in development - all the other apis are working fine and being found without issue, including in the same folder as this one

Any renames in case for example Userroles to userroles?

No - you can see the files and corresponding APIs here:

I have created a few apis and renamed them or deleted them - and I am storing these files on Onedrive so not sure if either of those aspects could be causing the issue?

Apologies as I am a newbie to all of this!

Thanks for your efforts!

If you right click the workflow and open in browser do you see a 404 or some text about the action?

Also what is your hosting type Docker, Wappler Local Server etc

Never used OneDrive but along as the files are available locally I cant see it been a issue

If I right click and open in browser i get the below error:

{“status”:“404”,“message”:"/api/admin/role/userroles not found."}

And i am using the Wappler Local Server

Could you try restarting the server to see if anything changes, should be somewhere bottom left im using Docker so not sure the exact location on the Local Server

Thank you - I have restarted the server and turned it off and on, and the same problem remains - very strange!

Hmm everything looks correct to me maybe some of the other community members will have some knowledge on this

You could also try remaking the action just to see if it was something that happened in the process

I doubt it would be anything like a cache or the links been set to either document or site root seen as you have other actions working but maybe wrong

Sorry I couldn’t be more help on this one

Can you check the routes panel and see if there is one that points to admin/role/userroles?

These are the only routes


No worries, thank you so much for trying!!

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There actual isn’t any route for api’s right? They are all loaded dynamical on server start I thought.

I have come across the same problem where the JSON file cannot be found while it is definately there. The first thing that I do in such an occasion is to restart the computer. If that does not work, I delete (or renane) the file and create a new one with the original name. That usually solves the problem.

If this does not solve your problem, please come back here.

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Waaaaayyyyy toooo much sun. I should have gone directly to bed :joy:

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Ahhhh the old classic switch it off and on - IT HAS WORKED

Thank you so much all for your help - very relieved I can carry on with Brian’s amazing course now!!