M1 Mac shuts down node run on project setup steps

Before I go in to my machine’s security settings –
running node.js has not been a problem until firing up Wappler for a new mobile app project

Any steps to suggest to resolve this issue?

I allowed node to run in my Mac security settings

Closed and reopened project but still having initial project setup problems in the terminal
Now being warned about each individual file & despite allowing each pop up warning for .dylib files in Mac security I am not getting a blanket permit of this node.js version to simply install and run

I want to keep going in setting up my mobile app project but this is not giving me confidence due to my Mac’s security resistance – I have closed the project and reopened it 3 times now trying to get this to go smoothly.

Well just click Allow Anyway and all will be fine …

I have been clicking to allow for each pop up.

But when I save and close the project and then reopen it the whole process starts over.

I cannot go further into installing Web, node, capacitor, and then go on to io component until my Mac ceases to stop each file and asks for my individual file permission.

I know I already have homebrew & node installed on my machine and that they have run.

Might I overcome this issue by choosing a different folder path for my project – currently I chose a new folder inside “localhost” where I have PHP Wappler projects saved?

Should I start my Wappler node project in the same folder as my base terminal path instead?

Started a new mobile project in the same path as my terminal start folder.

Had to reauthorize some of the same dylib files in homebrew as before.
But getting further along.
Now my question is about the “Skip existing file dmxFramework7_6.js”

If you have installed the official NodeJS from their website https://nodejs.org/en/

You shouldn’t got those errors.

Indeed, node upgrade did the trick!
Thank you, @George

Yes that is why, we removed the auto install and give a message to the user to download NodeJS from the official site.