Logic of Login handling for UserRoles

Im now having 3 different user Roles but they need another Gui. Should I use one login.php for all or use a login dedicated to each global user roles? I dont mean Admin, Moderator and User. I mean User can be either a: seller or a bidder. That would describe my project more. Maybe to make a switch after getting the user role and send him to the proper „Dashboard“?

I have done this and have 1 login page. then sends the users to a “holding page” that has a preloader on it…

then based on a user parm i use Browser redirect to send the user to the proper page/site section.


You can directly filter a query, based on user login, in the same action file where the login step is, get the redirect url from it and use it in the browser component :slight_smile:

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@cchesnet good idea! Like a Routing page!

The video in this post may help you regarding multiple [permissions for a user using a 2 table approach.

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Have one log-in page and set a Group Session in the Security Provider step (repeat on your registration table and set a Session) then re-direct on success to a simple .php file that reads the Session and re-directs accordingly. Easy to update and add new Groups as they are created…

@hype any Screen of that work? I’m now trying to solve that problem. I have now two logins one for Business and one for Users. I dont want to do all the work twice. So maybe there is a thing solution to handle users…