Loading the saving of the "Projects" window

My first post in this section. :slightly_smiling_face:

The function is not critical. These are rather usability improvements for the future.

It would be very cool to be able to download the full projects desktop setup from a file/cloud after completely reinstalling Wappler or installing it on a new computer, so that you don’t have to remember and configure the projects desktop manually for a long time.

It’s also would be very cool that when I select a cast of my desktop projects from a file/cloud, Wappler would ask where to download project folders from local sources (if I just reinstalled on the same computer) or from github (if I installed Wappler on another computer).

This would make it much faster to restore the workspace and get started.

Good idea!

I was actually thinking about similar functionality, offering option to export all projects to a file and then importing it.

However the whole projects list is just a list of paths to the local folders containing the projects. As the projects are really self contained folders.

So those are all local paths and if you want to import them same thing to a different computer you will have to have the folders already on your system.

So not sure if it is useful as you can already just add the projects by selecting a folder.

Yes, I understand perfectly well that the list of projects is only a folder path.

That is why I offer two options:

The first one is if I am on the same computer, which means my local folders are in the same places and I just need to register the paths to them in the new Wappler.

Second, if the workplace is new. Then you can take links to saved github resources and ask me “where do you want to download project folders?”. After that, I will choose a directory on the new computer and Wappler as a noble hard worker will create a folder there and move all my projects there by taking them from github. :slightly_smiling_face:

Save a lot of time. And sometimes just saving a critical situation, if suddenly the customer was so hot that he got me even on vacation.

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But you can already clone github projects this way, when creating a new project.

If the user’s Projects window has only one root folder with a couple of projects, then Yes, this functionality is not effective. And I can restore one project according to the specified scheme when creating a new project, just by cloning it from github.

However, when it comes to when the Projects window is a configured workspace. With its own folder structure. And a large number of projects. And it is necessary to restore not one project, but several related ones. This functionality would definitely be useful.