Limiting the number of records in a bootstrap 4 generated table displaying on a page at one time

Ok I realize I 'm a pain in A… but I am trying to learn Wappler and to be upfront as you already know it’s not an easy program to learn how to use. It’s like having to rewire my whole brain because things don’t seem to follow previously learned way of doing anything.

My question is I have a Bootstrap generated table (over 150,000 records) I want to do the following;

  1. Limit the number of records that display on a page
  2. Be able to page through the records : << beginning < previous - next > - >> last
  3. Search records all fields

I can not find a document that demonstrates # 1
and I haven’t looked for the others yet (#2 & #3)

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Use a paged database query, there you define the number of records displayed per page.

Awesome how do I do that in Wappler

Everything you need is available in our docs! Please check them:

I already have a Database query and used the Bootstrap dynamic sort table generator which shows all my records. Does this mean I have to recreated the entire page using the Add Database Page Query ?

Yes you need to use a Paged Query if you want to limit the number of records displayed per page.
There is a tutorial explaining how to do this on the link I provided.

This would have been great to know at the start I just assumed if I was creating a repeating list that I could easily control the number of records showing at one time and it would allow for paging.

So there is no way to edit the Current Database query to become a Paged database query ? Will this still allow me to have a sortable table ?

No, you need to remove the regular query and create a paged one instead.
You can then just re-select the new query in the table generator edit window.

Yes of course.

Hi @mikeRM,

You would need to remove the existing query and add a paged query in order to utilize the paging features. See the below images.

Regular query:

Paged query:

And yes, the table would still be sortable.

ok what I’m going to do from now on instead of wasting your time and mine is post first a question and list what I want to do so I can be told what to use and where to look. I thin a lot of the issues here is the way things are defined or the terms being used

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I would recommend the reverse. Look through the documentation, read it, then come up questions on how to do things if it is not clear in the documentation.


I think you first need to take a look at the docs as you can find the answers to most of your questions there.

Scott I just spent almost 3 days working on a listing table only to be told just now I need to do something completely different. I think my approach would save a lot more time. Thanks though.

Problem is as I just said - terms and definitions are very different in Wappler. So don’t know what to search for. The limiting records question I asked I only asked after searching for over 2 hours.

Whats the difference between Database Query & Database Single query and when would each be used ?


Check the docs please! It’s explained there how they work…

Query returns all records … single query is used when you need just one record


I can understand your frustration, learning any new software does take some time. However, the reason that we keep saying to review the documentation first is because it has been proven time and again that users that review the documentation first are more successful than those that do not.

For example, it is evident from your post here on the forum two days ago that you were working on creating a sortable dynamic table. In the documentation, right above creating dynamic sortable tables, is the tutorial on creating paging.

Just the first paragraph already answers your question:

You really need to look at the documentation. It’s there to help you!

As @Teodor stated, it is explained in the documentation.