Keep Server Action steps expanded when tree view is the preferred design

Wappler Version : 6.0.2
Operating System : W11
Server Model: NodeJS

Actual behavior

All steps are collapsed, down to every single nested step.

How to reproduce

Open a SA. Enable tree view, if not already enabled, and re-open.

Expected behavior

As in 5.8.2, when opening a SA, all steps should be expanded by default.
Right now, trying to expand every single step is a huge waste of time.
Please revert this new behaviour to as it was. Or provide an option in Wappler settings if you wish to still keep this as default behaviour.

I see that with two extra clicks, this can be solved - using the expand all option.

If the above can be implemented, that would be great. Else, two clicks is something we can live with.

Bump. @George Any update on this?
Its extremely annoying to have to expand the steps every single time!


Can this be turned into a Feature Request? - I suspect @george might get an idea of the number of people who find this behaviour super frustrating.

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Bump - @sid could you rename the post to make it clear it is now a FR. I’m not convinced people who had already seen it realise.



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Thanks @sid :crossed_fingers:
For me, and I know it is a personal preference thing, this is the single-most frustrating part of my day atm


You are not alone. You, me and our many other devs in our company are in the same boat.
I am sure many in the community have the same problem as well.

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Same here. It’s still baffling me that we’re the only ones crying about it.

Another bump


Praying this will make it into a Thursday release note soon :pray:

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Another bump.


@george I want to highlight how utterly frustrating this simple thing is. Constantly having to expand tree views is so time consuming and wasteful. All we are asking for is a UI setting to allow us to choose whether tree views are expanded by default or not.

I beg you to consider adding this asap, it is getting me down every day and creating a negative experience.

What is even worse than the basic principle of the current behaviour is that when working on API files, if a data picker is opened on a component from within anything other than the top level (e.g. in a condition, repeat etc.) the context doesn't pick this up so you MUST expand the tree to get to where you are working and pick variables/values

Please, please, please, please, please :pray:


10000% agreed