Join a database table with API data


I know that it’s possible to join 1 or more database tables with innerjoin etc, but is this also possible with a database table and the data from an API call? If so, how?


That would be amazing but I don’t think it is currently possible in Wappler directly


You can do it in a server action, like this:

  1. Do you query without output
  2. Execute the API action also with output off
  3. Loop either trough the query or api output and for each record use one or more setValue to create a new record that you output


Yes, that’s why I said directly but while that would be a type of solution, to be able to treat an API connection like a table and perform real joins would be incredibly powerful


Well it might be possible with the server data formatters. We have a lot of grouping and filtering there maybe we can also add joins :slight_smile:

@patrick can advise if it is possible