Jelastic PaaS

Anyone tried

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I’m just looking into this now @JonL.

Did you ever get further with it or see how it might work in regards to Wappler? With all the next tech these days integrated, would it just be a matter of doing a docker deployment to your jelastic provider/account?

In fact, does anyone now have any experience with

After looking at it today it looks like a really great alternative to other hosting I’ve been looking at.

Simpler, cheaper more transparent than the likes of AWS, Azure etc.

More of a Platform as a Service with added features and ease of use compared to a pure VPS like Digital Ocean, Linode, Vult etc.

Would love anyone’s thoughts or experiences. Seems like a winner for me from my initial research today.

I did take it for a test run some months ago.

Since then several interesting things have happened. Wappler’s docker deployment has improved and Digital Ocean partnered with Jelastic.

Ahh yes, I remember seeing that video at some point. Will check it out now that i understand a bit more about docker and Jelastic.

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