Italian Wappler users

Hi George,

I would like to ask you if there are others Italians as clients for Wappler.

My idea was to make a website like for Italian Market explaining in English but in Italian too features of Wappler.

It is an idea because I Don t know if I m able to do that. But I saw not Italians here then I would like let Italian site like HTML. IT or others write about Wappler.

What do you think about?

Thank you for your time



Awesome idea Roberto!

We have a lot of Italian Wappler users and also DMXzone veterans that love our products.

@icalesca, @andrea.falco, @mbarbierato, @michele, @gbarba, @puppons, @giaino, @massimiliano.moriggi, @admanente, @Marzio, @DecoresinSrl, @atworkstudio

As well some newcomers like:

@slogan, @leozone, @admanente, @projectconsult, @Leonardo_Nicolini, @dgiovannetti

I’ve also made this topic public so all those Italian guys and girls can respond :slight_smile:

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thank you very much George!
Domain taken!

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Ciao Roberto,
hai già qualche idea su come sviluppare il sito Wappler in italiano?

Hi MIchele,
thank you very much for your kind message. At the moment I’m studying something but cooperation is welcome :wink:

Ok very willingly!

Ciao a tutti. Visto che parliamo italiano forse ci capiamo meglio. Mi sto avvicinando ora a wappler, fino ad oggi ho usato Dreamweaver. Sapete dirmi dove sta page security enforcer in wappler. Inoltre i video sulle estensioni sono solo quelli per Dreamweaver su dmxzone o ci sono anche quelli specifici per wappler? Grazie a tutti

Hello Andrea,
You can find Wappler official documentation here:
The tutorial explaining how to protect access to your pages with security enforcer can be found in the Login and Security section.
Security - Restricting Access to Your Page

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