Issues in setting values in Local Storage Manager

This is my Local Storage Manager (LSM):

This are my Keyed Array “filtrosAutosEditor”:

When trying to Set a Value inside my keyed array “filtrosAutosEditor” it doesn’t show any key from my array.

The workaround

  • Set any value:

  • Then, double clic on the name of the LSM, this will cause to reload the LSM or you can add a new Avalilable Actions, this will cause the same effect:

  • After that all the Keys from the my array (filtrosAutosEditor) are available:

With this workaround the random value added before should be remove because it create this mal formed code:
"local1.set('filtrosAutosEditor',{: 'asd'})"

Aditional issue

If you check my first image of my keyed array “filtrosAutosEditor” inside it have another keyed array called “showColumns”, this have more keys but this level of keys are not shown in the window inside DATA, to access it, I need to manually write code to use it.

Note: Not matter how config the LSM, can be Array, Object, the result is the same.


Just ran in to this issue myself. Thanks for the workaround @Alexander_Paladines!