Is this only happening to me or is anyone else experiencing a locked code view

Has anyone else ever noticed that occasionally Wappler html and css edit screen locks up and you just can’t edit the code?

I find after working for a while I have to close it down and open it up to be able to start editing the html code again.

On a Mac using 2.9.1

Is it probably the same issue as reported here:

Ah yep, that is what is happening, here I am typing random characters trying to fond out how to unlock the page and then I open another code view and there is all the junk I typed :scream:

This does seem to be worse in version 3.0 Beta using a Mac and using the new node.js server.

Nothing in code editor has changed in the latest beta.
Can you explain what files are you editing exactly and did you find some pattern which causes it?