Is it possible to edit Heading tags applied using Medium Editor?

I wrote a slightly long-winded post recently, with suggestions about the Medium Editor. I included one question which I probably should have put it into its own topic - the title of this post.

If Medium Editor is used to apply heading tags, only heading options are available for that text. Eg here are typical editor options, including the option to remove formatting:


If a heading is applied accidentally, there is no way of undoing this*; only alternative headings can be selected:


I thought about adding a button to remove tags from the textarea using Medium Editor, using the formatter. This wouldn’t be an idea solution, but at least it would be a way of removing the incorrect formatting. However it seems that the expected actions are not available for Medium Editor textarea (they are for a normal textarea). I mentioned some new problems with the actions panel recently; I don’t know if this is related. In any case, the actions for the Medium Editor appear like this:


Here are the expected actions:

No actions can be performed with these ‘dummy’ actions.

*Actually it seems shortcut keys (eg Ctrl+Z) will undo the formatting. However this is not a feasible alternative in most cases.

Seems this topic got forgotten- so bump

Currently the heading button functions as a toggle. So you can toggle it off, by clicking the “active” heading button.

I’ve had another look at this. It seems to work as you describe in Chrome and Edge, but not in Firefox. So, for my purposes at least, not very serious. Thanks.

It should be working in all browsers, we are going to check this.

Can you test with the latest medium editor from The medium editor is not being updated anymore, so it will be difficult to get some problems fixed. I’m not sure which version is currently included in Wappler, but if the version from the official site works then I will include that in an update.

Will we see a replacement editor in Wappler in the future?

If there is a feature request for a specific editor with enough votes then there is a good chance it would be included. There are a lot of new html editors available and I’m not sure which one should be a good replacement for the Medium Editor.

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Looking at the demo on the Medium Editor site, the issue with headings seems to be fixed, unless there are other circumstances which cause it. The current version is 5.23.3; the version in Wappler is 5.23.1.

Does it fix the issue on your own page after including the latest version from their page?

I’ve just tried it. I don’t think it fixes the problem.

It seems to work with a fairly text, but if there are several paragraphs with different headings etc, it behaves erratically in Firefox. Eg the headings can’t be changed to non-headings and sometimes the current selection jumps to a different line when an option is selected from the editor toolbar. It behaves much better in Chrome.

It’s a pity the editor is no longer maintained. I haven’t used anything else similar to Medium Editor, but this looks very good. It’s currently maintained but I think they’re working on a new version.

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Have you folks looked at Summernote?

I have it up and running in my app but haven’t really road tested it too much yet. It looks promising though!

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Nice find Antony! This one certainly does look good. I may try this one out myself. I’d vote for a feature request for this one.

I tried Summernote a while ago and I think it could be a good option. There are a couple of old threads about using with Wappler. I don’t think it has a built-in facility for uploading images, but I think it can convert them to Base64.

However, it’s very different to Medium Editor. The editor I mentioned earlier in this thread is more like Medium Editor (at least, based on a quick look/impression).

Glad you both like it!
@TomD, it had an inline mode too… So what part are you saying is quite different?

(I have the heading bug going on in Medium which is going to confuse my users…)

@TomD - loving that contenttools. Could be just what I’m looking for for site owners to edit content pages.

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I had forgotten there was an inline mode - so perhaps not so different from Medium Editor. However I don’t think Summernote has options to define your own styles, which is a serious omission. Perhaps the new version will have this. Contenttools has really good features to resize/position images though I don’t think the upload facility is built-in.

I expect either could be used with Wappler but it would great if one of them was integrated, to replace the unsupported Medium Editor.

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