Is Framework7 abandoned?

I am mostly interested in mobile development and was quite hooked that Wappler is providing Framework7 support amongst Bootstrap.

While playing around and realizing that the kitchensink examples are quite outdated and trying to get my head around some basics from the Framwork7 documentation with also stuff not working as expected, I realized that the bundled version of Framework7 is 6.3.14 from 30.12.2021 while the current release is 7.1.2, release a couple of days ago. So Wappler is 15 releases behind?

Is Framework7 support abandoned?


We update Framework7 each few months when it has a stable version, so not each minor update.

New major versions are usually implemented also a few months later then they get released, so that more stability is guaranteed.

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So there’s hope for an update one day :slight_smile:

Could you quickly check my other post regarding “how to access the F7 app object”?

Will be updating it next week

You might also want to send F7 your updated logo for their website :wink:


The latest framework 7 version has been included in Wappler 5.4

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