Install ruby on mac - failed

New user and just installed Wappler ver 4.3.2.
Homebrew is installed correctly
Ruby fails, mac says it is from unknown developer and can not guarantee it is free of mailware.
Even if you allow installation from an unknown developer - the installation fails.
Any solutions?

The solution for now is to completely remove and install homebrew from scratch in a separate Mac terminal windows outside of Wappler.

See for installation instructions

We will be improving this in the next Wappler update so it goes well from within Wappler as well.

Thanks for quick response.
How to delete Homebrew from Wrapler installation on Mac?
I am intensively boarding the Wrapler now, have set aside daily time and hope for rapid progress - but when even installation does not succeed, it looks positive!

Just installed ver 4
Unfortunately the same problem, Ruby can not be installed because Apple can not recognize and allow the ruby software. Homebrew is installed fine, but without ruby.

Homebrew uninstall is explained in:

Not to be cumbersome - I’m about to buy a license today but would like to make sure Wappler can run on a Mac.
Have ver 4 - but Are we back to Homebrew to be uninstalled and installed separately according to your instructions earlier.

I use Wappler on a Mac and runs smoothly!

Quite a few Mac users here including the Development Team! Including newer Macs, and older Macs.

Thanks it calms me down.
Is the way to first uninstall wappler, run the script from in a terminal mac window, reinstall wrappler and then it should work?