Inserting Multiple File Names in a Database

You already know HOW TO UPLOAD MULTIPLE FILES TO YOUR SERVER so now we are going to show you how to insert their names or URLs to a database.

Open the Server Connect panel:

Select your server action, which uploads multiple files to the server and right click steps:

Open Database Actions and add Database Connection:

Make sure the database connection step is before the file upload step. If it is not, just grab it with your mouse and drag it in the first place in the action steps.
Then define your db connection or select one if you have already defined it for this site:

Right click the file upload step:

Open Core Actions and add Repeat:

Then click the dynamic data picker, to select an expression for the repeat step:

Here, you should select the File Upload step. This means that the steps inside the repeat will be executed as many times as files are uploaded by the upload step:

Now, right click steps inside the repeat:

Open Database Actions and Add Database Insert:

Click the Insert Options button:

And select the table, where you want to insert the uploaded files’ names or URLs:

Double click the value field and click the dynamic data picker icon:

Here, select either the name of the file, or its URL returned under the Repeat. We prefer to store just the name of the file, not the whole URL to it:

Click OK:

Save your server action:

And you are done!

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Your small docus are so helpful! Thank you so much for your time and clear screenshots!