Input type removed when type=text is choosen

OS info

  • Operating System : Windows 10.0.18970
  • Wappler Version : 2.2.2

Problem description

Changing input type would remove input type property

Steps to reproduce

  1. Select input with input type text
  2. On TEXT INPUT PROPERTIES > Type —> change to email
  3. Ctrl + s to save
  4. On the same TEXT INPUT PROPERTIES > Type —> change to text
  5. Type property is being removed (see it in code view)
  6. To conform, Ctrl + s to save and on TEXT INPUT PROPERTIES has been replaced by INPUT INSPECTOR

This is not a bug but by design - the default type for input is text. So when you choose text - the attribute is removed.

Hi @George, I have had the same ‘issue’ and in most cases it would be fine. The problem occurs when you want to turn the input field into a DatePicker, you can’t unless it is a ‘text’ field. So maybe it is best to show the default value.

I don’t find the logic behind this design. Let say I want to chenge input text to email, then I changed my mind and change it again to text. The attribute will be removed and I’m not able to control it on properties panel until I manually re add the type ="" in code view.