Implement url rewrite support



Why did not you vote?


do not worry . Wappler team will do if needed. This vote is used only for priority.


Any news on this?


Any news on this(2)?


Any news on this?


Please News. :pray:


We’re finisheding some projects and would like to implement SEO/user friendly dynamic links. How far is the extension from being released? Thanks.


Yes please news… Anyway there are ways to use Url rewriter Wizards until feature is here:

@George maybe some GUI like that could help to customize urls for projects, as each project may have different requirements… :


I’m waiting for routes, this is very important.

Please @George Give us a word about this.


More development on this topic, see:


URL Rewrite/Routing is now available in Wappler 1.9 :slight_smile:


Great work! Thanks a lot! :grinning: