Implement url rewrite support

I have multiple clients complaining about the missing url rewrite support. This is a huge problem and needs to be fixed asap. Optimized SEO is what the clients want and they want easy to use urls. Please implement this asap. I’d say it’s much more importatnt than any tooltips or other low level nice to haves. Thanks in advance.

Well if it is just url rewrite your can already implement it by your self in htaccess alike matter.

There are even some generators available:

Understanding URL rewrite:

Or do you mean something else?

So I did it on my own weird way on for instance. I used one of the generators to create code for rewrite on .htaccess.

Each employee has a tag/handle that is set by admin in backend. Could be user setting as well… That I saved as a field in db which is basically my lookup when user lands on the page.

I used this code to extract the tag from the url and place it in a hidden input field:

window.onload = function(){
  document.getElementById("txt").value = window.location.pathname.split("/").pop();

Then I query db using the input field value as filter and display employer details.

Downside is that the page has to load and input field filled with value before the query is triggered and there is split second delay…

This was the best solution I could come up with.

Thanks George. I want to be able to use the URL rewrite with DYNAMIC URLs, with URL parameters like:
to become

This is a must have nowadays

Maybe this article can help you:

In order to make this work, I need to replace all references to Original URL with the New URL throughout the website. How should all the filtering with app connect/server connect work after that?

There is no .htaccess functionality when on an nginx box.

When using App Connect as front-end framework (and you probably are when using Wappler), you are building a dynamic client side application, fetching its data on the fly with Server Connect actions.

This can be a single page app (SPA) or a multi page app, but the specific things is that it renders its data run time on the client site.

Normally there isn’t much url change there as the data only changes and partials rendering are done, but to really to reflect the content rendering change, the url can change as well. But then a client side url change.

To do this in the best way possible we are developing a special router component that will help you define your url routing structure and even easier render partials in your page as regions.

So in other words - we are working on it :slight_smile:


And all of that at 6am WET. @George, you are crazy and we love you for it :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks George. I hope we’ll see the extension soon.

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This was the only reason I did not switch to nginx @ben, but if Wappler adds back the old idea I used to use called “HTML5 Data Bindings SEO” i think then I might just be asking you for some nginx setup advice. :slight_smile:

This was only required for the HTML5 Data Bindings prior to Google started rendering all the js data on your pages. There is no need of such an extension currently, as Goolge perfectly "sees" and renders all the dynamic data from your app connect pages.

Am I confused then, I used to use some extension to help me alter type URLs to pretty ones that were awesome for SEO like or whatever.
I used it on a few projects but can not remember the extension name.

We never had an extension which rewrites the URLs.
As George said - it is currently under development.

If I ever manage to find the old project where I used this system I will probably find I did some super hacky thing to make it work, sorry for possibly misleading people. oops :blush:

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Hi George, any news on this? A possible release date?


I’m waiting for this extension, this route extension will revolutionize the wappler
if it’s similar to framework7, it will be very cool

The Route Component for Wappler Is it something like that?

my clients are complaining about the url of my sites made with Wappler

We also need to load external components

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Same here. Agencys are stressing my clients that non SEO url would be bad for them. Any news on a possible release date?

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