I just created an app in a day

Thank you Wappler, I just created an entire app in 7 hours from start to finish and my client is very very happy.

Needed to add a system to an existing website that would allow my client to add more users to their database, edit existing database users, view a listing or all their users and sort and search by multiple criteria.

They wanted the ability to email their newsletters to various users they select. And add images to various folders on their server with auto resize and cropping so they could use the remote URLs in their newsletter software and email signatures.

They also wanted graphs to view all over the place with various critea.

Then mapping to view where each of their suppliers is located.

I know it does not sound like too much, but if I had done this without Wappler I would have taken at least 3 days to a week, I would have had to research custom scripts for various elements. But with Wappler I did it all in 7 hours without a single custom script. All Wappler.


Sounds awesome Paul! Well done!

Maybe you can post details with some screenshots as topic in the showcas category


Absolutely, will do that George, at the moment I have to admit I am becomming so productive with Wappler that I have about 5 sites / apps already being used daily, have completed 3 more videos on my fruit juice international site and just need to do some edits. I also have another video set lined up for after that one and a tips section I am working on.
I figured it only fair to give Wappler back some of the time i am saving every day.
Man this software is exciting though.


Then you are not actually done :joy:

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Dear Paul I can easily understand. I m developing my first full Wappler website application and it is so nice working with Wappler!!


I did not understand about mobile app:

Serverconnect and app connect cannot be included in Mobile Application. I should make a website and after doing the mobile app. But how I link them?

A simple video would be great!

Please check this topic:

Thank you Teodor!!
Can t wait to try tomorrow morning!
Do you have guide also how to upload to Play Store and Ios Appstore?

Unfortunately no (not yet), this you can find on app store/play store documentation.

No problem. Thank you.

So maybe some Framework7 videos coming? :wink:

Yep thats what I am hoping to do, i think i need to be slightly better at it than I am right now, but yes, thats the idea. I have another one to do next week, so hopefully after that I should be comfortable enough to do some video about it.


Congratulations @psweb