How to use modal for delete confirmtion

I want to know how to use modal confirmation for delete action. i have already added delete button and its action to delete the record in my table. but i want to alert a confirmation before delete the record. i saw one of other post here , but it didn’t had any step by step guide. so please help me do this asp… thanks…

your initial delete button click event should set a variable to the id of the record you want to delete and show the model.
the modal should then contain a server connect form to execute the delete routine passing the id and a cancel button if course…

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Assuming that you have already created the Server Connect Action Steps, have a look at for the client side.

Edit: Maybe you would like to follow the whole series


There is another way of doing this, using the native browser dialogs: Show Confirmation Popup when Deleting Records

That’s just in case you don’t want to deal with modals :slight_smile: