Show Confirmation Popup when Deleting Records


You already know how to delete database records.
There are cases where you want to show users a confirmation dialog, asking them to confirm deletion. This can easily be done using Wappler static events and a simple method.

We have our dynamic table with a delete button for each of the records:

Select the delete record form:

Scroll down to STATIC EVENTS and click the add new static event button:

Select Form > Submit:

And then enter the following code: return confirm('Are you sure?');

Of course you can replace the text in the single quotes with any custom message you need to show.

The result is a native browser dialog, showing the custom message and OK and Cancel buttons. If the user clicks the OK button, the record will be deleted, otherwise the delete action won’t run:

How to use modal for delete confirmtion
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How to apply this confirm to a button when it calls a server action ?

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