How to Update Wappler

How do I update the software? Do I need to download the new version and install separately or there is button inside the software to click for an update?

For now you download and install. Link to download is at the top of the forums.

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Also - an auto update option is coming to Wappler in the next updates, so you will be able to run it through the app.

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Hi Teodor
Is an Auto-updateoption still planed ?
…like from within the easely accessible “About Window”
(check if an update is available…)

You can click on the tray icon and select “check for updates” :slight_smile:

Do we need to update previously published sites with a local version ?

What do you mean? In this topic we are discussing how to update Wappler to the latest version.

My question has to do with that:. After updating Wappler to the latest version: do we need to update the remote files and wappler folders of previously published sites ?

No, you should not have to republish your site.

I can’t seem to find the update wappler button/choice.

Not sure about Windows but if you are on a Mac right click on the tray icon …


Yeah this machine is a windows 10. My desktop is mac. I’ll keep looking…

On Windows right click Wappler icon in the taskbar and you will see it.

Found it. I was looking in Wappler, I had to right click the wappler icon in the taskbar!

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