How to let the user add many products to the cart with its own specifications and insert the full order


I have tried this way but i faced issues inserting in the Database


Well - it is possible to do - with a repeater :slight_smile:

So the basic logic is like this:

  1. you setup a global variable (add the Variable component) and give it initially value 1
  2. you use the value of this variable to make a repeater children around the row of fields you want to repeat
  3. Your “add” button just set the variable its value +1 which we result in automatically repeating more columns
  4. The delete should be only available on the last row and will do precisely the opposite - set the variable value -1
  5. Make sure you give the repeater a unique key element - like $index which is just the order - so elements retain their position and values

The whole form will be then submitted as multi record form - so on the server side you can just loop through all the records and do with each one what ever you want.

Hope it is a bit clear - it is a bit complex procedure but once you get it - it will all make sense :slight_smile:


The issue is when the row repeated it will repeat the column only and it will look what is supposed to look.

here is a look

Does it effect if i put it inside a form ?


You should create a table for all the fields. And then repeat the whole table row.

Add dmx-show on the delete button - to show only on last row


I faced issues when i tried to insert.

inputs do not show as a record. it shows as a single inputs.


As your fields are repeated in a record - you should named them specially like this:


where car_id is just the field name.

When you import the form in the server action - you will get a nice structure of the input fields under the record. So you can repeat through the record and do something with it.


It worked well.

And the right solution for the repeat area make the column 12 size ( col-12 )


So all ok now? This will make a nice tutorial


Yes. All worked will.

However, it would be better if we can show the inserted items on a list below.
I tried but until now i didn’t get any solution


Got it. You will require to add when success load server connect.


would be nice to see some Animated GIF… how it works