How to Google Tag Manager to site

Hey everyone,

I’ve looked through the forum and haven’t see a definitive “How to add Google Tag Manager(/other) tags to your app” topic.

Are there best practices? I’m currently considering adding to my menu include file which works… but doesn’t seem like the right approach.

Would love to get your thoughts. Thanks!

Have a look at the series of @mebeingken

Ken is explaining how to use it. You need the course User Registration & Login.

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Thanks Marcel!

Liran, As Marcel says, it is in the User Reg and Login course. I cover the basics of getting started with tag manager and connecting it to the new version of google analytics, but I don’t go very deep – just capturing the page views. You might be looking for something more comprehensive.

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Thanks @mebeingken and @MH2ag.

I’m familiar with GTM so I don’t need a course on how to use GTM.

Just looking for forum advice on Wappler best practices for deploying GTM – where to place the code etc.

Really not much too it…add the scripts provided just like you would with any other site.

Thanks @mebeingken.

I added the script to a header include file. This seems to work, but I am not sure if this is the correct approach.

Sounds good to me. It means it will appear on every page where the header is included so should be fine.

Thank you. Appreciate it!

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