How to do dynamic dropdown list from relational database tables, when inserting a one table records

I have tables such as table1, table2, table3. table1 has foreign keys of table2 and table3, so i want to create insert database action and form to insert table1 data, for that i need to list table2 and table3 data in each separate dropdown list(select list) when choosing the item in each drop down list, ID’s will be inserted into table1 as foreign key. ex: category and news,

how to do this in wappler? im using wappler 2.1.5…

Hi @thines

You would want to add two server connects in the App Structure to retrieve the information from table 2 and table 3.

In your table 1 form, you would want to add a select box for the table 2 data and another one for the table 3 data.

In the properties for the select box, you would click on the trash can to remove the default options and then click on the lightning bolt to select the data source you created earlier. After that, you would select the lightning bolt to choose the text option and then the value field.


Here’s a tutorial on it, Dynamic Select Menu

Adding to @scott’s reply, there are a couple of videos for the Dreamweaver extensions which are easily translatable to Wappler.

  1. Small data sources:
  2. Large data sources: