How to convert Bootswatch theme to Theme Manager?

How to convert a Bootswatch theme to Wappler’s Theme Manager? Including colors and such

U mean this?

U dont need to convert anything, just select it in the framework menu.

Yes, you see those colorful Bootstrap themes? I want to convert them for usage here:

Because I want to customize them (one of them)

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I think what Apple is trying to do is import a bootswatch theme into the theme manager so it can be slightly changed.

For example, import all of the settings from Solar bootswatch them into the Wappler theme editor and use that as a starting point to change some values.

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Oh i see :man_facepalming: hahha. mmmm i dont think there is an official way to do that, i never really thought about it, but it can be a good feature request.


You would have to do this manually, looking at the variables in the .scss files, rather than the compiled .css files. Eg


It would be good if you could just edit theme.json which Wappler creates, but I don’t think this works.


Thought so - let’s see what George brings to the topic :slight_smile:

There’s more stuff than just colors in the variables.scss, was looking to avoid tampering too much with it

Will see if we can improve that in the future and add a choice from base of the theme - either core bootstrap or bootswatch theme


That would be a great addition and timesaver.

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