How production ready is Framework7?

Is Framework7 ready for actual production apps? Reason I ask is because I am struggling doing anything with Framework7 (mostly my own inexperience) and wondering if it is because it is not fully ready yet?

I got informed this morning that I need to build a new app to replace our old one. This app will be completely behind authentication. So I will need secure login to get into the app. All App content will be brought in through a MySQL database (that part I can do). But it all has to be tied to the user who logged in.

Is Framework7 ready or should I stop banging my head on the wall while we await some updates? What about Framework7 v3.0?

Not ready from my experience

i stopped posting the rest of bugs or even continue with the mobile app. until the team is ready to fix them.


Thanks @mrbdrm, that’s what I was thinking. Hopefully good things are going to come.

Please do report errors or things you are missing, so we can solve them.

As to us the current Framework7 integration is really production ready.

Most of the currently reported problems are just usage errors.