How do url metas work in 4.0.0?

until 4.0.0 full release I had this line in my pages
<meta name="ac:route" content="/edit_sub_pages/:contentid/:pagesname">
but now when saving I lose this line causing issues where do I now set this?

Please provide more detailed information.
What server model are you using?
What page are you working on - contnent/layout/full?
How do you setup your route?

NodeJs content page

Here is my routes panel (the edit_sub_pages is there too above images)

If you use the node layout page with single view in it, then you don’t need this ac:route tag any more. This is what we changed in the Wappler 4 final.

Are you having troubles without it?

Yeah without this the params aren’t loading for me ill have a play around see if anythings up on my end but every page I save the page no longer works maybe im defining params in a area that worked previously but was wrong or something?

Maybe @patrick can clarify in which content pages the ac:route tags are needed, as we had mostly troubles with them: Getting 404 errors

Just to add some more info to this the url loads correctly on the load of the page but the params don’t seem to be found on the content page.

I went from a working page that still has the meta then clicked a link to the saved one with no meta the url looks normal it seems t be the params

Is there any way I can stop this line been deleted? I may need to return to the beta if not I can’t seem to get this working

This sounds like a bug after the last line in this reply on the other linked topic, converting to a bug so you can keep track :smile:

we will revert to the previous behavior in the next update

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Fixed in Wappler 4.0.1

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