History in Server Actions / undo

It would really be awesome if we had an ability to undo changes made in action scripts. I don’t know how many times i changed something and then DAMN, I messed something up. But it would be nice if I could step back (undo) multiple changes. Would be very helpful in troubleshooting too. I mean I can always just not save the action script and then start over. But as wappler becomes more and more powerful so do my action scripts and the need to have a history of undo changes would be so welcomed!

thanks for consideration!

Yes please, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve cursed at my screen when I’ve messed up a server action or accidentally deleted something!


I regularly duplicate the action script, if I think I’m going to be messing with it’s functions.

If I improve or fix it I will just delete the ‘-copy’ version.

If I major stuff up and can’t get back to how I originally had it. I just delete the script and rename the ‘-copy’ script back to its original name.

It’s also good to be able to refer back to the original format of the script while working on it.

I have so many scripts. and usually it just a small change and then something goes south and you’re like dang it. Why can’t I just hit an undo button. That would make it just so much more powerful.

For some reason my brain mixes up the duplicate and the delete icons when I am tired…

… oh the challenges of being human… :smirk:

It would be great to have an undo button available when creating Server Actions!

Hey @Antony, I think this is a duplicate request - History in Server Actions / undo


Yeah I beat you to it! Vote for me!

I just did Baub, I just did! :rocket:

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