Hcaptcha support

I’ve just learned that Google’s reCAPTCHA will stop being free for heavy users just like most of the rest of their products. I’ve look at https://www.hcaptcha.com/ which looks very similar and is free. Could you consider adding this to Wappler like you did with reCAPTCHA?

HCaptcha is a good alternative.

I think it’s fair to point out that Google reCAPTCHA is free and will remain free for the foreseeable future, so long as you do not hit 1 million queries per month or 1000 api calls per second.


For most Wappler developers that should be plenty.


It’s good to have an alternative but as @max_gb said it won effect most until you hit the big time.

Thanks @max_gb. Yes, I saw that but can see the writing on the wall so finding alternatives before absolutely needing to is my thinking. I’ll edit my original post so it’s clearer on that.

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Just revisiting this. GDPR means Google Captcha isn’t an ideal choice. HCaptcha is GDPR compliant and still offers a free option so looks like the perfect solution.

It should be straight forward implementing it using the API features of Wappler but would obviously be great to have a native option within Wappler like the Google Captcha is.

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