Have no idea where to start

Hi wapplers,

I have basic knowledge in coding world and i would like to try wappler to build a website to sell photos with backoffice. I tried the basic wappler but is a bit confusing, i have no idea how should i start to reach my goals:

backoffice to create folders/categories and upload the photos;
pre-determine the price of each photo;
watermark option;
shopping cart; paypal payment and auto send to client the photos after payment;
reports from orders

I used blocs for mac, and is nice for a simple website, but with wappler, i have no idea where to start and how can i connect with databases and how to build the backoffice. I would like to see a video of someone bluilding a simple website from scratch with database and backoffice.
Is there anything similar available?

Unfortunately the series is still being completed but this might give you a start
https://www.learnwappler.com by me
https://wapplerunwrapped.online by hyperbytes
The docs category on this community forum
The Wappler YouTube channel
The DMXzone.com website
The DMXzone YouTube channel

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Thank you @psweb for the reply.
I will wait a bit more for examples and some tutorials.
But for an application that says that the user can build amazing and powerful websites without coding, could be a bit more simpler.

Hi Andre,

Also check the Wappler Learning resources of course:

@George , I will propose an idea.
You could create a fully working wappler pro version with a big watermark on top of it just to testing.

I would buy this app right away, but after I can see and test the real potential of the pro version.

@Andre, from my experience in web design & development, any time you pick up a new program, there is going to be a learning curve. When you are talking about building a custom, dynamic website that has many moving parts, the software needed to do that is going to increase in how steep that learning curve is.

With that being said, Wappler is a fantastic program for both simple web design AND very, very complex dynamic development. Keep in mind that this is in context of what we are talking about. Enhancing photos in Photoshop is not the same as modeling a 3D model. 3D modeling is much, much, much more complex. But a program that can do both things, might do both things easier than any other program, but users shouldn’t expect 3D modeling to be as simple as photo enhancement. It is just that 3D modeling is much easier on that program than other programs that do 3D modeling. It isn’t in comparison to how simple photo enhancement is.
Does that make sense? So, dynamic websites will never be as easy as design is. (Blocs is a design program.)

Here are some thoughts to help you:

  1. Get a trial for the Pro version. This will allow you to test it.
  2. Go through the documentation. You’ll want to see the basic parts, and also look at the user authentication, and the server connect parts. The documentation IS a series of SMALL TUTORIALS.
  3. Visit this forum often. We are here to help you. We want you to succeed!
  4. Break your idea down into simple parts. For instance if a user is going to login - then that is a single part of your application. Break each thing down into simple parts. If a user will add things to a cart, that might be a insert into database step. It is a single goal or a single problem you need to solve.

Breaking things down into very simple components will help you wrap your head around things easier. Particularly the overall project. And once you realize that many different parts are actually just the same thing done in different ways - that will help ease some of the anxiety.

  1. Realize that some things are going to take time to accomplish. Other things will be simple and fast. The complexity of any project and the time it takes to finish it go hand-in-hand. Even on the best software for doing it.

Welcome and I hope to see you around. :slight_smile:


Andre - we have up to two weeks trial when you get the PRO subscription, so you can try it fully and cancel within the trial as you wish.

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Hello again,
After few months testing basic wappler, i jumped to pro for more functionalities.
But i still didn’t find any tutorial on how to make a website with backoffice and dynamic content.
Can someone make a simple tutorial?

Hello Andre,
Everything related to back end tools, securing pages, creating log in pages and databases is located in the docs:

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