Handling hierarchical data with new Database Manager

RE: new Database Manager: Can anyone tell me how I would create a new table within a table?


You cannot create a table within a table.
Please make sure you understand the basics of how databases/sql work.

Thanks a lot!

@psweb, did you understand my question?

There is nothing to understand in your question really.
In the sql (databases) world there is no such thing as creating a table within another table. I am pretty sure you are confused by something (not sure by what) but if you understand some basics of database design or sql you should understand that “create a new table within a table” makes no sense at all.

Sorry @jaydigital, but like Teo mentioned, in Databases there is no such thing as a table in a table.

You have a Database, inside the database you can have thousands of single tables, inside a table you can have hundreds of columns each with a designated column type depending on the data to be stored in the column, and you can have millions of rows in each table.

The only time you have tables in tables which is called nested tables is in your front end display and layout and does not deal with databases at all.

Thanks psweb.
I have included an image of the structure that I would like to build in Wappler. Can you give me a general approach to building such a data structure (using the Wappler Database Manager terminology: tables, columns, references, rows, etc)? This is an existing MySQL database of mine built-in Magento. There are then multiple pages built on page templates within each sub-category.


@Teodor, could you split this database design question off into another post please?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s an easy answer to that. You would need to do some research. This is a good article on the subject.

It uses the terminology you refer to (any such article will - these are standard terms).

I split the topic @Antony

@jaydigital, I am not much of a Magento user to be honest, but the image you have provided looks more like a filesystem to me, I assume this is the Magento GUI representation of how your database is structured.
I will try do a little research for you and see how that structure could be simulated in Wappler.

Hi psweb,

Thanks for your helpful answer. The image is actually a screen shot from the Magento Store Manager from E-Magic-One. It is my only interface with my MySQL database hosted by a datacenter in Michigan. I personally built the database without having to use PHPmyadmin or any other program. It holds nearly a thousand pages of events in my families life. I was hoping to migrate the project onto my own desktop on Wappler . But first I need a structure compatible with the one I already have. Hope this helps you see where I going.

Actually Jay what you are asking for is how to handle hierarchical data in a relational database.

So like store a nested categories in a single categories table.

This a very complex matter in the relational databases world and also complex to implement.


We don’t support such complex structured yet in Wappler. And even if we do it will be very complex to display and maintain them on your web site.

This is because such hierarchical structures must always be handled by a tree control and those can be also very complex to use.

So my advise it - try to avoid nested structure as much as possible. They only introduce an over complicated way of maintaining your data.

Usually for categorization is much better to use a single list of categories or tags. Believe me this will make it all much easier.

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I learnt something new today, I had never even heard of this before, thanks @George

Hi George,
Thanks for jumping in.
I have no doubt of the complicated, technical nature of MySQL’s back end. But I thought that this was what Wappler was all about (making the technical elements of website design straight forward for artists and designers to use while serving the e-commercial world). The Magento Store Manager allows designers to use its structure the handle thousands of e-commerce databases world-wide.

It is able to serve all the users from Prestashop, Magento, Open Cart, WooCommerce, Virtue Mart, CRE Loaded, Cube Cart, Pinnacle Cart, X-Cart, OsCommerce, and Zen Cart.

I would like to believe you that Wappler’s approach is much better, but it has to be easily understood by those of us who want to use it. Millions of e-commerce databases should be on Wappler’s prospects list. Most of them use MYSQL. I simply asked, “how do I use it”. I couldn’t figure it out when I tried last week. I know it is early, but I already know where I hope it is going. E-Magic-One has made it easy for me, somehow to build hundreds of e-commerce websites without a single class about how to build a MySQL database. I just made a lot of money by choosing the right tool. But now Adobe wants to make a lot of Money off me. :smiley:


Thanks George for the tutorial. This explains a lot. So, what is the impact to me?

I now know that the MySQL I am using is a relational database. But I thought that Wappler could use a MySQL database as a target (which apparently is a relational fdatabase.). Seems to me that Wappler must address relational databases since they are so widely used. If it takes a lot of hard, technical work, isn’t that what Wappler’s team is for; making it easy for us users?

I’m patient, I can wait a year. Or should I forget it?

All the databases Wappler supports are relational (AFAIK).

From what I understand, @jaydigital uses some UI/control panel which allows him to manage his database data/relations in a tree structure.
It’s like what you guys are building for your clients’ admin panels.

Your clients don’t know what the database tables structures are or how they are related. They see an UI which which shows the data related as you show it to them. They add categories, subcategories etc. and don’t know how it works behind.

@jaydigital I think the product you are referring to and its idea is totally different than Wappler. It’s just an UI which is built like you build the CMS systems/UIs/Control Panels for your users with Wappler.

And yes the databases available in Wappler are relational databases…

I think I summed up the best solution for you.
Just try to keep things simple:

Hi George,
Do you have a simple solution for migrating two continual years (7500 hours) of scanning photos, digitizing videos, writing a thousand descriptions of events and adding audio clips onto a thousand pages in Magento onto Wappler ?

I told you in the beginning this is what I wanted to use Wappler for. I am willing to wait for you; but in the meantime, I have at least 2000 more hours to add. And that’s before my extended family wants to join in.

If Wappler is not going to be a solution, please let me know.

As I stated above Jay, I never even knew such a thing like “hierarchical data in a relational database” even existed and I have managed to create thousands of websites and apps over the years I have been at this.

With what databases supply and support out the box there is really not much that can not be done or achieved.

With Wappler as it stands I am certain you could achieve exactly what you want to do, however just not in the precise same way as Magento did it. It’s a different platform and uses different techniques to achieve the same result.

If you expect to magically add the same UI as the one used in the software you are currently using to manage your Magento database - no, that’s not possible.

I really hope you understand what Wappler is and what’s it’s purpose.