Handling hierarchical data with new Database Manager


Hi psweb;
So, I will need a way to migrate the Magneto MySQL database onto the Wappler MySQL. Right ???

How difficult is that?


There is no such thing as “Wappler MySQL”. MySQL database is a MySQL database.
Your database exists on your server and you can access it with any tool which allows you to connect and manage databases - Wappler, Navicat, MySQL Workbench etc etc.


I’ve asked you numerous times to keep Teodor from insulting me. I neither respect nor need his opinion. He is never of any assistance to me.


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Magento is a Shopping Cart.
What type of project are you building?

Did you try to look at your Magento MySQL database with Navicat or MySQL Workbench?
It is very important to understand how an SQL Database works and how the tables are related to each other.
You will then understand what @Teodor is trying to tell you.

It should also be possible to export the data and import it in your new database.

Hi JonL,

I am re-purposing the Magento platform to develop a new concept for building a multi-media family history. It does a great job of using category/product-page templates for documenting events with descriptions, photos, videos, audio, and linking them together. Magento has a translator that permits me to change such words as “Product” to “Event”. It has been working quite well for several years on the open-source Magento version. I am interested in Wappler because I thought it would be easier for my extended family to get involved by using a better interface for them. I eventually want to be able to put the entire app onto a laptop for each of them to build upon. By linking the category descriptions together I have written a continuing life history book with hundreds of illustrating “event” pages attached to each category/sub-category.

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Are you looking to build an app that they can use to add content? If you are looking at getting them to use Wappler to add content, then it may not be the best choice for you. Just trying to find how you plan to tie Magento and Wappler together. Two completely different tools.

However, having said that, if you do have direct access to the database you should be able to build a web based tool for them to provide content. But doesn’t Mageno already provide a tool for that?

Hi Brad,
Yes, I could go on using Magento to finish the project and just leave it where it is. But I cannot count on my relatives to be able to carry on. Even the Magento admin (back-end) would be too difficult and out-dated. I like the Wappler concept of artists/designers being able to build their website using their creative talent (not coding) in the way that Wappler proposes for a broader user base. What I have been trying to do is learn Wappler myself to see if I could accomplish a version of the same project (in a smaller scale) that I already have. Then I could confidently present it to others that might want such a solution.
I am confident (hopeful) that Wappler, when completed, will be such a tool.
Thanks for your interest.

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Wappler is already ‘completed’ in that’s already powerful, full-featured web development software. On the other hand, it will never be completed as in ‘finished’; it will, I very much hope, continue to develop as it has been from the beginning, with more features added and improvements in every aspect.

While some features may become more streamlined and easier to use, I doubt if you’re project will at any point become an easy one. It will require a lot of work and at least a reasonable understanding of Wappler and the technologies involved.

I wouldn’t wait for some future version of Wappler, hoping it might make light work of your project. I would start using it now, at least to get a better idea of whether or not it is indeed what you’re looking for. Set up a database with a few tables, and create an interface to display and interact with that data. You will probably find it difficult at first, but certain things will ‘click’ and you should find things fall into place - and suddenly you’ll be able to create dynamic image galleries surprisingly easily. Before long, you’ll know whether or not Wappler is the tool you’re looking for.

Thanks Tom,
That is exactly what I am trying to do. I am spending all of my time on my life history project. I’m just watching Wappler to see what develops. Occasionally I attempt an ops-check to see how it’s going. I’m wishing for Wappler’s success.

Hmmmm, Hi Jay,

What exactly (feature?) are you waiting for? Everything you need to recreate your Magento project is already part of Wappler.

Hi Brad,
You probably missed the part where I said I have 7500 hours invested in the project so far and 2000 more to go. I just want to finish it and my family take over. But they need a newer tool than Magento. I want to be able to migrate the finished project to Wappler or some other app that will perform well on a laptop. I guess I could always use Bitnami, but I don’t know how it will perform since the project is so heavy with content. I just thought I’d see how Wappler comes along. I’ve been in the e-commerce business since 1994 and used many platforms. Wappler’s concept just seemed-to-me to be a good one. But it needs to become more intuitive. so far it is just replacing complex language with complex menus.

But bitnami is an online library of software packages. I don’t know what it has to do with your conundrum. Bitnami isn’t a solution for your problem. Maybe one of the software packages that can be installed with Bitnami is. But certainly not Bitnami.

What everybody here really wants to say but are probably too polite to do it is that it seems you don’t have the basics covered. You know where you want to go but not how to get there. The number of hours you are investing in your project and the amount of hours that you have already invested doesn’t have absolutely anything to do with Wappler or any other solution out there. Although those numbers are quite impressive!

To me it seems that what you probably need is a CMS that has very good handling of assets and a good frontend gallery.

Yes you can build that with Wappler if you want. But you could also install a packaged solution like Wordpress.

But I doubt Wappler will provide you with a one-click button to achieve that. It’s not what Wappler is about.

Nonetheless if it’s about building something from the ground nothing beats Wappler in the no-code or low-code ecosystem.

Hi JonL,
The project is nearly complete. I’m not doing it again from the ground up. I want to be able to migrate it to a new platform one day.
I have covered the basics.
I will do fine without Wappler, but since I’ve invested a few hundred dollars in its development, I’d like to see it completed. Wappler needs to be like any other software tool to a business. Download, Install, and go back to work on making the customer happy.
All I asked for was a general approach to using the Wappler Database Manager on a relational database so I could test it.
Seems everyone wants to tell me to go back to school.
I appreciate your input.

It is the best advice we can give currently. But also there is a silver lining to all this. Everybody here, including myself, said that you can actually build that with Wappler because it’s a capable tool for that mission. But a tool needs mastering to be useful and that is what everybody here are also stating. Spend some time learning how SQL relational databases work but don’t wait for a one-button solution for your app. That’s actually an area where other tools like wordpress excel at the expense of flexibility.

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I think the issue is more that you are expecting Wappler to be a CMS platform such as Magento, Wordpress, Business Catalyst, etc. It’s not and never will be. You can build your own CMS system from the ground up with Wappler. But Wappler is not and will never be a CMS Platform. That’s just not the kind of tool it is.

Wappler will never be able to administer content in your Magento site.

The CMS systems like Magento etc is like going to your car dealership picking out a car and customizing it with whatever options are available to it.

Wappler is like walking into an empty garage with only a toolbox and your imagination. You aren’t stuck to a specific make (platform). You build your own … every single screw.

Sorry, but you will never be able to have your family manage Magento content in Wappler. That’s not what it is for.

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Quoting Brad because from his comment now I understand that what you really want to build is an admin dashboard UI that connects to your magento database and manage it.

Sorry, I misunderstood your project. I thought you wanted to build everything and not just the admin UI.

Check Forest Admin, Jet Admin and possibly retool

But they all have a hefty price tag attached because their main audience are commercial apps and not personal projects.

OK. Thank you all.

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One last item. I do not intend to use Wappler to manage my Magento content. My intent was/is to use Wappler as my primary development platform when and if I determine that it is a mature and capable tool for the projects I have in mind and is suitable for the people that need such a tool. I am simply trying to confirm that the team is on the right course by testing it for use by people from the non-coding community. You all have been a great source of information for me. Thanks again.

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No problem Jay. I hope that eventually you will find Wappler to be the great tool that it is. Best of luck to you! :beers: :beers: