GraphQL Query Builder

A GraphQL integration would be needed for us to fully implement ecommerce modules.

As the Wappler team have suggested to build the ecommerce capabilities in Wappler ourselves, I have been looking at Shopify as the best option. But some of their API’s are only available in GraphQL instead of REST. As far as I know it’s not possible to use GraphQL in wappler (correct me if I’m wrong), so some built in support for this would be great.

hello @nevil,

please check this post

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GraphQL query builder support, please and thank you :raised_hands:

And this is why :grinning:

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I fixed some frames of the video so some people can sleep well tonight.

A preview:


After seeing your photoshop skills JonL, I have to say that I don’t understand why people tend to say that programmers can’t be good designers too…

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It’s comforting that you can appreciate the huge effort there is behind such work of art.

I was in bed at that time of the morning (EU) so I could only use my iphone, the default scribbling functionality for screenshots and my finger :joy:


I lot of query freedom comes also with greater cost.
A lot of things to consider when using GraphQL

bumping this request.

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Badly need this too


Leaving this here for reference: