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Why browser don’t work out of the box?

Sorry, your post is not clear. Explain your issue in more details.
Also your photo made with the phone is not readable as well. You can make screenshots on your computer and post them here.

simple thing. goto url on button click.

This means the file is missing on your server. Make sure to upload it there.

OK so the problem was that dmxBrowser.js didnt get uploaded to web server on click save all.
why ?

Save all just saves the files locally you need to use the publish option in the bottom bar to publish a project

Not true. whenever i do any changes for example in index file or on server actions i press save all it get synced automaticaly wthout pressing publish. then i go to my web server url and test.

also depends on your target setup, if its development, staging, or production. It acts differently depending on which you have set.

THank you for answer. can you add link with development staging and production differences. how wappler acts ?

According to @Teodor

No files will be auto uploaded on Staging and Production targets, but only on Development ones.
You can either manually upload using the file manager, or use the Publish option.


Also keeping the terminal open will show you which files are being uploaded

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