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Hi all,

I am trying to learn Wrappler’s Git Manager but in the documentation of “Wappler Version Control”, the UI is very different. I get the following:

Please advise where can I learn Wappler Version Control using the present UI.



You seem to have opened a git repository of some other project - mingw

Try to use it with web related projects created in Wappler - not some random git repository.

Thanks, I have created a new repository in GitHub and would like to commit my Wappler files to that repository. What menu option do I use to commit the files?. The screen I am seeing is the following:



Also, I don’t get the option to create a local repository with the working files so that they can be uploaded to GitHub.

Please check the Wappler docs:

Thank you George, I have read all the documentation but the issue is that I have all these files to commit:

and in the Git manager they don’t appear anywhere to commit:

So I don’t know how to select files I have created in Wappler and commit them to the repository I have created in GitHub. They don’t appear anywhere in the Git Manager…

If you don’t see files to be committed then everything is already committed.

Try make some changes and then you will see them appear in the git manager to commit

Hi George, that is the issue. I make changes to the files and nothing changes in the Git Manager and at the remote GitHub repository:

The files that I am working on in Wappler don’t appear at all. I may be pointing to a wrong repository but I don’t know how to change it with the Git Manager in Wappler. With the normal git, I would go the terminal, position myself in the right directory, do a git init, copy some files, etc…But with the git manager in Wappler I don’t even know how to change the repository or find the repository or add files to it.

Hi check Try checking the git branches looks like on wappler your in master but in git your in main

Hi, the issue is that my Wappler project files are in a different directory than the one the git manager is pointing to. I know the directory the git manager is pointing to, I know where my project files are. But I don’t know how to make the git manager to point in the right directory. That is my issue and question.

Whichever folder you have opened in Wappler as your project folder, open that.
There, if you see a .git folder, delete that (take a backup maybe).
Then, in Wappler, you should see that the git manager will say there is no Git Repository.
Create repository there. Commit all files.
Once that is done, connect to your Git provider.
And push it.

Also, you might have to delete the files already on the remote Git. Reset it or something so that its back to a “new” state saying no commits.

in github in the settings look for the branches button next to the main branches should say 2 or more

now in that next window you should see all the branches with one at the top that says default

click the switch branches in that header (switch arrows) then choose the default branch from the dropdown.

that should match the branch you are working on in wappler.

hopefully your problem will be sorted. and you will publish and pull from the default branch for that project. in future do what sid suggests

Thank You all, I finally solved the problem. Following the procedures you recommended, more specifically;

  1. Positioned at the folder where the Git Manager was pointing to and wiped out the .git directory using the Terminal command line command: rm -r .git
  2. Positioned at the Wappler project folder and initialized a git repository using the Terminal command line comand: git init
  3. in Github I deleted the repository and created it again with the same name
  4. Then, I reinitialized Wappler and all the files appeared, committed all of them and then push them to the remote repository.

Hope this procedure helps others with the same problem.



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Actually this all manual work shouldn’t be necessary at all.

Is you want to connect to github repository you just have either to start a new project and specify it as clone, or if you already created a Wappler project and just need to attach empty github repo to it (should be really empty) then just add it as remote by connecting with github to it.